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English version

Used auto parts from Japan

Japan Motors Co., Ltd performs direct shipments of different auto items from Japan to Vladivostok. We deal more then 10 years in Russia market having branches at Siberia region and Moscow.

We import following products from Japan:

1. used autoparts (body and suspension parts, auto lamp, etc)
2. used engines with transmission
3. used car, trucks, fork lifts
4. outboard marine engines, jet ski

All items are being dismantled by our mechanics in Japan and only after that they arrive to our storehouse. We have well good experience mechanics, who working in Japan for dismantle used cars and inspect packing containers. All received items go through preparation prior to sale. Thus, we fully eliminate selling of items which were purchased on the local market, that confirms the high quality of our products.

We prefer to make shipments by 20feet containers due to shipowner possibility.

Our policy is to supply high quality products for Russian market.

By cooperating with us you can expand you business!

"Japan Motors Co., Ltd"
Snegovaya str., 1 '"b".
Tel.: +79147904242, +74232300758
Fax: +74232499785
Email: maxcar@mail.ru


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Японские запчасти - компания «Japan Motors», Владивосток ул. Снеговая 1-б
Отдел продажи запчастей: +7-924-124-75-75 Отдел заказа автомобилей: +7-914-790-42-42